Use cases

Predictable earnings

Sit back, relax, and earn fixed interest on your deposits:

  • “soft” lock your deposit
  • receive interest upfront

Instant fixed loans

Avoid the stress of volatile interest rates:

  • post your collateral
  • lock in a rate and term

Interest rate trading

Blazar's fTokens create an interest rate yield curve:

  • speculate on / hedge rates
  • arbitrage the open markets

Protocol integration

Blazar makes it easy for dApp developers to integrate:

  • composable primitive
  • simply use fTokens

How it works

Automated Market Maker

Blazar gives users a frictionless experience by setting rates algorithmically and using money markets (e.g. Aave) as a stopgap.

Future Tokens

Depositors receive fTokens (e.g. fDai), a DeFi zero-coupon bond that is tradable and fungible within the same maturity date.

Decentralized Governance

Blazar is governed by a DAO that sets the AMM's parameters, receives the protocol's rewards and underwrites its liabilities.

Partners and integrations

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